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Testimonials - I thought job offers would come pouring in...

“When I graduated from Yale, I thought my degree from an Ivy League school would mean job offers would come pouring in and opportunities would just fall in my lap. This was not the case for me, and it was not the case for many of my peers. The job market right now is, at best, competitive. As anearly twenty-something fresh out of college, I learned that I had to be rather short-sighted when telling potential employers about my goals/ambitions. No one wants to hire someone that they honestly think they’re going to have to replace in the next year or two. Also Jill taught me resumé editing is of the UTMOST importance. I always thought that since I had accomplished a lot, the one-page rule didn’t apply to me. I was, in fact, wrong. Jill was a huge help in placing me at one of the top financial law firms in New York City. Before I came to her, I had learned a lot from trial and error. When I enlisted her help in my job search, I realized that if I had started out with her, I would have been in far better shape early on. She knows exactly what employers are looking for. If there’s any advice I could give–fifteen months after she placed me and with the job market more competitive than ever–it’d be to heed her advice.”

-Jason Ray, Executive Assistant


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