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Testimonial - You can’t get a job without first getting an interview

“You can’t get a job without first getting an interview, and I learned the hard (and slow!) way that getting an interview is hard. Despite graduating with honors from a highly-ranked liberal arts school, I did not receive any responses from the 50+ positions I applied to “cold” online. To be honest, had I received an offer to interview for any of these positions, I probably would have botched it. It was not until after I sat down with a recruiter that I was properly prepared to show myself in the best light. No matter how bright and talented you are, or how well your college has prepared you for the real world, in today’s market you need to capitalize on any advantage you can; Jill knows what she’s talking about, she’s been getting recent grads jobs for over 10 years, and every tip she gives you should be put into practice immediately. It may be counter intuitive, but the qualities that will get you a job are not necessarily the same ones that got you into college, so trust the experts, they can help you get an interview, present yourself well, sell yourself convincingly, and ultimately land a job.”

-Erin M. Close, Legal Assistant with a world wide law firm

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