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As both a college professor and a college administrator, I have advised and counseled students and graduates from the very focused and highly motivated to the confused and frustrated. I cannot think of a single one who would not have gained from reading and following Jill’s advice. I found it somewhat amazing that there wasn’t a single statement in the book I would quibble with. In addition, I learned a great deal reading it and intend to use much of it when advising students in the future. It should be a ‘must read’ for any teacher who routinely advises students and a bible in career counseling offices. Lastly, as a parent, it is a relief there is such a self-help book that will give my children the help they need in a voice they will appreciate and believe.


Frank Vellaccio, Senior Vice President College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA******


Jill DeSena-Shook and I have been in the recruiting and search business for years and have experienced many of the same challenges in candidate management. We meet great people, with great skill sets and great work habits who lack interview and job search skills. Many candidates think they don’t get a job because of their skills and they are right. What Jill Shook so appropriately addresses in Just Tell Me How To Get Hired is that many times it is not a candidate’s job skills that are lacking, it is their search skills. I truly believe that this book acts as a cheat-sheet for candidates entering the work force. These are behaviors and habits that many recruiters feel should be common sense but the truth is people are never taught how to interview. As an HR and Recruiting Consultant to the investment banking and financial services industry, I teach hiring managers on how to interview and what to look for. Jill’s work compliments the direction that a hiring manager will take and even if you only follow a handful of Shook’s guidelines, you are bound to see a major improvement in how you are handled by employers during interviews. Shook has given you the tools of the trade and now it is up to you to use them.


Liz Talley, Director of RPO and BPO Advantage Human Resourcing, New York, NY 10174******


Here’s a ‘how-to’ book that really does the job, helping recent graduates that good first job. Jill Shook’s Just Tell Me How To Get Hired is full of practical tips and tested approaches to the search, the resumé, and the interview that brings employment. As a headmaster working with highly capable students, and as an interviewer for positions at our college prep school, I’m on both sides of the desk quite regularly. Students need and crave the suggestions Jill gives, and I appreciate those who come to apply for work with us being prepared as Jill suggests. I’ve field-tested Jill’s recipes – withour most recent hire, a 2008 university graduate who has become a great new teacher, and with a 2008 high school graduate shopping now for summer employment. Reading through Jill’s manuscript with me, we three agree: learn from Jill’s examples, follow her advice, and good jobs can come even in the toughest of economies. I recommend Jill’s guidebook to you, and to young graduates going out to get started toward success.


Kenneth Veronda, Headmaster,Southwestern Academy, San Marino, California*****

* 2009 Readers Favorite Award Winning Book *

Just Tell Me How to Get Hired! is an honest and often humorous conversation between the job seeker, employers,recently hired employees, and the reader’s new found recruiter, Jill. This quick read is filled with “cut to the chase” advice. Just as if you were sitting in Jill’s office, you’ll quickly learn how to get a job faster and easier than going it alone. Real life stories about interviews and hires gone wrong transform this tutorial into a reality show about entering the workforce.


WHAT ARE EMPLOYERS REALLY LOOKING FOR ON A RESUMÉ? Learn to construct a resumé that guarantees an interview.


WHAT IS YOUR INTERVIEWER’S GOAL? Find out what you should never say on an interview and why.






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I have been teaching for 38 years and have never found a book that provides EVERYTHING a graduating student (undergrad or grad) needs to know to land that perfect job…never, until now. Jill Shook’s “Just Tell Me How to Get Hired!” is that book! My students have read the book and they always react the same way: “WOW!” The book shows them the reality of job hunting, the necessary preparation, selecting target companies, getting company information, what really matters in the interview and so much more. Just Tell Me How to Get Hired! will become THE book that every graduating student must follow. So, you want a job? Read the book!”


Peter LaPlaca, Ph.D., Professor of Management and Marketing Barney School of Business University of Hartford******



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